Nuance Egg Tablecloth Weights

An innovative form for a tablecloth weight! The egg-shaped weight is divided in half from top to bottom, and each side has a strong magnet embedded in it. Put one side on the front of the tablecloth and the other side on the back, and the tablecloth weight is in place. Coordinate or contrast with your tablecloth colors - the clean design goes with everything and keeps your tablecloth in place!

The colored weights (red, pale yellow-green, or black) are solid resin; the set of four weighs 8-1/2 ounces and is $22.95. The metallic silver weights are metal; the set of four weights 12 ounces and is $28.95.

NOTE: If you would like to order one set of table weights by itself, we can offer you a better shipping rate - please contact us before you order.

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