Choosing a Model

Choosing Your Tablecloth!

1. Shape: on a round table, you can put either a round cloth or a square one; likewise, on an oval table, a rectangular cloth can be used as well as an oval cloth.

2. Size: measure your table and add 12" to the dimensions. This gives you your tablecloth size, with a 6" drop included. For example, a table that measures 36" in diameter takes a 48" tablecloth, and a 41"x72" table takes a 53"x84" tablecloth. A variation of a couple of inches either way does not make a significant difference in the look of your tablecloth. If you would like advice or help about choosing the right size tablecloth for your table, contact us!

3. Model: our tablecloths come in three models:
*plain - a classic tablecloth for a table without an umbrella hole.
*with hole - a tablecloth designed for an umbrella table that lets you put the umbrella in place once the cloth is on the table.
*with hole and zipper - a tablecloth designed for an umbrella table that can be put on and taken off without moving the umbrella. For more about zippers, click here.

Seams: Like most high quality designer fabrics, Sunbrella fabric is 54" wide which becomes 53" after serging and hemming. To make our 60" and 72" round and square tablecloths, we have to seam the fabric, which we do so that there is as little seam on the tabletop as possible. On the round tablecloths, we seam a panel on two opposing sides, so that most of the seam falls off in the drop. On the 60" square tables, we also seam two panels on two opposing sides, since that size will typically be going on a 48" table; all the seams are in the drop. On the 72" square tables, we will contact you about how you would like the seam. If you are getting an umbrella hole and zipper, we recommend one seam up the middle. That way you have the zipper on one side of the umbrella pole and the seam on the other - it looks nicely balanced. If you are getting a 72" square with just a hole and no zipper, or no hole at all, we will call you to discuss what option you prefer - one seam up the middle or a seam on two opposing sides. The striped fabrics seam the best: the workroom places the seam where there a color change in the stripe, and it is pretty much invisible. It is more noticeable on a solid color, but our workroom does a great job, and it has a very finished look. Please contact us if you have any questions about a seam on a large tablecloth.

4. Color: choose from our range of colors, including solids, ribs, stripes, and specialty weaves. We use Sunbrella® brand fabrics; Sunbrella® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. It is a marvelous product that is easy to live with and easy to take care of. Because no computer screen can ever reproduce with 100% accuracy the way colors will look on your table, we strongly recommend that you order fabric samples before ordering your tablecloth.

And once you have started using your new tablecloth, keeping it clean is simple - follow the Sunbrella® recommendations.

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